We are excited at what God is doing in Christian Worship Center! Our church has doubled in the last 7 years. We are continuing to grow to the point that we have effectively outgrown our current church facility.

As we continue to grow, we have a very tight space to fit into, even with two worship services. Practically every room in the church is multi-purpose, as we don’t have enough space to provide effective kids ministry, youth ministry, discipleship and prayer ministry.

Additionally, our parking lot is too small to accommodate the vehicles, and as inclement weather arrives, it will become impossible to park on the grass.


We are following God’s lead to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In the world of confusion and division, there is a huge need for a church that is Spirit-filled, rooted in the Word of God and passionate about loving people. There is great need for our kind of church, where believers can show to the world that through Jesus we can live in unity even while we are so diverse. To effectively accomplish that we need a larger worship space, with larger kids ministry classes, meeting rooms and spacious fellowship hall and large enough parking to accommodate cars. We are currently praying and believing for a larger space!


1. PRAY!

Pray! We are asking every CWC family member to pray and ask God to open the doors to obtain a larger worship facility.


After praying and fasting, our church leadership has sensed that God is leading us to start preparing financially for expansion. We are in a process of developing plans for building new sanctuary on our property with supporting classrooms and facilities.


We need more people to volunteer in many of the church ministries to accommodate our growth. Please consider stepping up in your commitment and get involved on a deeper level. Please reach out to any of our pastors to get involved today.


1. Why $900,000?

Estimated cost of our church building expansion is $2.3 million dollars. We have currently raised $300,000 from Expanding our reach campaign and church operations savings. Our bank is willing to loan us $1.1 million dollars. $900,000 is the remaining gap that we need to raise in order to expand our facility.

We have selected an architect who has began working on developing plans for our building expansion. The plans are in early development and can be viewed below.

3. Is moving to a different facility an option?

Yes, we are always looking to see if the right property will hit the market that will meet the following criteria:

  1. We can afford the space. Our budget to purchase a building is in the $2-3 million range.
  2. The location suits us. We prefer to be in close proximity to our current church location and also near highway systems.
  3. Provides ample room for large sanctuary, classrooms, and parking.

4. How will my Pledge will work?

Pledge is a prayerfully considered commitment to give to this cause of the Kingdom of God. We are asking church families to give above and beyond their usual tithes and offerings.

While some church members are ready to give right away, some may need to work it into their budget over the course of the year.

You can submit your pledge by filling the form below, or grab one of the yellow envelopes  at church. We encourage to make this a family affair. This is exciting time for our church as we get to be part of something big that God is doing among us!

Some other creative ideas of giving to God that some people use can include pledging to God any unexpected income they might receive, bonuses, gifts, inherited estates, etc.

5. How was this decision made?

Our church leadership feels very strongly led by the Holy Spirit that we need to pursue larger building to accommodate our growth. It will be risky and takes courage, but we believe this move gives our church the best opportunity to continue to grow and reach our area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.