Media / Production Team


Our ministry ensures that every visitor that enters CWC can participate fully in the worship and the sermon by providing the behind-the-scenes support to the Sunday Service (Audio Mixing, Livestream/Webcast & On-Screen Presentation). If you have a passion for technology this team is right for you! But you don’t have to be a tech maverick to serve, we need committed volunteers and we’ll help train you for the work.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news.”                                                                                                        

Romans 10:14-15

In Biblical times, the only way to “carry” good news was to bring it physically, walking from one place to another. Technological advances, however, have opened up numerous additional communication channels, all of which we can use to amplify the rate at which we spread the Word.

team leader     

            Matt Case

            Positions Available

  • Audio Mixer
  • On-Screen Presenter ((Displaying Worship Lyrics, Presentation Announcements and Sermon Scriptures)
  • Webcast/Livestream


  • Commitment: We need volunteers we can depend on to be present and on-time to support for their dedicated service.
  • Availability: We need volunteers who can commit to serving one service (9am or 11pm) twice monthly

next steps to get involved

  • Create a profile on planning center
  • Text/Email team leader your area of interest and availability
  • Our team will facilitate training where needed to make sure you feel secure in your role